Posted by: mymike21 | November 1, 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean Cheats

Pirates of the Caribbean Cheat List
Enter the following codes on land or in ship command mode:

* A, X, Y, B, Y, B, X, B, B, A: Accrue 100,000 gold
* A, Y, X, X, Y, Y, B, Y, X, A: God mode for self and your ship. Sails and ship crew unaffected.
* A, B, Y, X, Y, B, B, Y, B, A: Accrue 50 Skill Points
* A, X, Y, X, Y, B, B, Y, B, A: Set reputation to neutral

Pirates of the Caribbean Hint: Run From Confrontation
If you run into a pack of unsavory characters, and don’t think you can best them in battle, flee from them and go past the last point where the game loads. They will not follow.

Pirates of the Caribbean Hint: Avoid Cannon Fire
If you get yourself into a bad position in a sea battle, and know you’re going to be blasted with serious cannon fire, there is a way to avoid it. When you see the smoke from the guns, quickly Sail To a different part of the ship and you should completely avoid the blast.

Pirates of the Caribbean Hint: Fast Money
This requires a character with positive reputation and medium to high commerce level.

Go to the first tavern you find and hire an officer. When the dialogue text comes up choose Isn’t that to much? Keep selecting this choice until the amount you will spend for the officer is a negative number.

Repeat this process until you have the desired amount. You can lower this amount by a max of 1000 at a time with a commerce of 10. (Each point of commerce equals 100 gold).

Pirates of the Caribbean Glitch: Experience From Slaughtering Your Own
It’s hard to say what you can do to incite this glitch since the game is so random; however you can try and allow the English to be your enemies thus letting you attempt to capture Greenford. Once you do, ask your fleet to capture/destroy it. But because you “captured” the town, it won’t go away. Yet, your forces will gain experience each time you “sack” your own city.

Pirates of the Caribbean Hint: Legendary Sword
In Oxbay look at the ocean and then look right. Start swimming right to the cave. Inisde is a legendary sword.

Pirates of the Caribbean Hint: Unlimited Gold and Experience

To get unlimited gold, go to a loan shark. Push him next to his chest to make it quicker, and borrow the maximum amount of money allowed. Deposit the money in the chest, and talk to him again. Ask to borrow a bit more money, and deposit it again. The total amount owed is only equal to the last loan you took out, so when you have as much gold as you want, just borrow a small amount and pay it back straight away.

To get unlimited experience, have a good ship, guns and ammo (I recommend a battleship with Culverines and Bombs), high accuracy, defense and cannon stats, and the ‘quick repair’ skill. Attack Falaise de Fleur fort, and stay there, shooting it. Each time you are low on health, use quick repair. You’ll quickly accumulate EXP, and the fort cannot be taken. NOTE: This has to be done early in the game, when you are still enemies with France


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